Bosch Packaging Technology Introduction of markets fastest vertical Doy Zip bagger



  • p to 100 high quality Doy Zip bags per minute
  • Up to 50 percent higher output per square meter ensures higher ROI
  • – a go-to resource for marketers and manufacturers

Nut, chocolate and confectionery manufacturers can refresh their brands and increase shelf appeal without sacrificing production efficiency with Bosch Packaging Technology’s new SVE 2520 DZ – the fastest vertical bagger with Doy Zip functionality currently on the market. The compact continuous motion machine produces up to 100 high quality Doy Zip bags per minute, allowing for high return on investment (ROI). The SVE 2520 DZ offers all of the most popular bag styles as well as additional options. To demonstrate the benefits of the Doy Zip bag style produced on the vertical machine, Bosch has created an information platform at

“Bosch re-engineered the vertical form, fill and seal machine based on the well-proven SVE platform to give manufacturers the branding potential of high-quality Doy Zip bags with minimal footprint,” said Patrick Lagarde, engineering and design manager at Bosch Packaging Technology.

Greater consumer engagement

“Doy Zip from Bosch helps brands stand out on the shelf and opens up new opportunities to meet consumer demands today and tomorrow,”  Lagarde summarized.

The premium quality, attractive shape and glossy finish of Doy Zip bags help drive greater visibility and consumer preference for food products at the point-of-sale. The bag’s standability, protection of contents for future consumption as well as easy opening and reclosing features further contribute to consumer convenience and enhance brand loyalty.

Improved production efficiency

Bosch’s Doy Zip bagger offers manufacturers significant production flexibility, allowing them to keep up with changing market conditions. The SVE 2520 DZ combines small footprint of only six square meters with the high speed of up to 100 Doy Zip bags per minute, setting a new benchmark for vertical baggers with Doy Zip functionality. Continuous motion coupled with a unique-zipper applicator (patent pending) ensures this high speed. Higher output per square meter compared to alternative solutions results in lower cost-per-bag and a higher return on investment. The machine produces seven different bag styles: pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal, full corner, 3-sided as well as doy. Proven SVE technology enables easy operation and maintenance, while changeovers from pillow to Doy Zip take as little as 45 minutes, enabling manufacturers to adjust quickly to evolving consumer demands.

The interactive microsite,,

is designed as a resource to inspire and inform nut, chocolate and confectionery producers about the benefits of Doy Zip bags for brand differentiation. It also outlines the criteria to consider when selecting the ideal packaging equipment for Doy Zip and allows visitors to order sample bags. An animated video providing further guidance to manufacturers is available here. Bosch Packaging Technology Introduction of markets fastest vertical Doy Zip bagger