Gebo Engineering Solutions


Gebo Engineering Solutions: a new value proposition combining innovative thinking and world-class expertise

Gebo Cermex is a company with a long track record of delivering comprehensive packaging line engineering solutions all over the world. Along the way, the firm has developed a formidable wealth of engineering know-how and a strong network of industry relationships based on trust and objective expertise. The time has come to make this international expertise official, with the launch in June 2015 of a new value proposition: Gebo Engineering Solutions. The newly-formed entity offers a powerful dual skill set: design engineers for the upstream conceptual stage and project managers for the roll-out phase. This unique approach aims to provide the best combination on the market in terms of managing all flows within and around packaging lines: facility infrastructure, utilities, process, intra-logistics, data management and industrial automation. The company is looking to boost its consulting activity significantly over the next three years, and has already created a dedicated online website to help promote its business:

Innovative design engineers and world-class project managers

Gebo Cermex is a familiar name that packaging industry players know and trust, with more than 50 years’ experience in all aspects of packaging line design and operations for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. The company now has such extensive engineering expertise that this side of its business has become part of its corporate DNA. This engineering know-how in terms of both design and project management will now be used to great effect in guiding customers very early on in their investment programmes: Gebo Cermex will partner, far further upstream, with key players in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, ranging from alcoholic beverages – including beer – to non-alcoholic drinks, dairy products, personal care, home care and pharmaceutics. The company’s design engineers are innovative and creative and are thus tasked with evaluating, improving and devising solutions. The project managers bring reliability, sound project roll-out skills, and wide-ranging technical knowledge. Their missions include validation, execution and commitment.

Marc Aury, President & Managing Director of Gebo Cermex, explains the rationale behind this new entity:
“The packaging industry is complicated and getting more complex by the day, and our clients have to deal with the challenge of constantly developing both productivity and flexibility. In this fast-moving environment, you need advice that you can trust. That’s where Gebo Engineering Solutions comes in, offering design and project management expertise that gives our customers security and robust processes in their investment projects. Gebo Engineering Solutions is an autonomous business unit within the Gebo Cermex organization and is dedicated to creating value for customers in line with the company’s three historic drivers, Asset Optimization, Design for CAPEX and OPEX Optimization, and Excellence in Operations. We think it’s important for our clients to clearly understand the distinction between our pre-CAPEX and post-CAPEX value propositions. The idea is to make sure that when customers are considering making a major investment, we’re the first people they call.”

Added value and genuine impartiality

The Gebo Engineering Solutions modus operandi is to work in close partnership with clients in order to optimize every step of the process. The design phase is make-or-break for the success of an investment project, so this is where the team of designers, engineers and project managers at Gebo Engineering Solutions come into their own, precisely identifying clients’ requirements and coming up with a comprehensive set of perfectly adapted solutions. Christophe Durupt, Director, Engineering Business Development for Europe, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia Pacific goes into further detail:

“We are a company with a global reach and a culture of performance. The result is that we have a strong core of design engineers, specialists, technicians and project management professionals spread all over the world, all highly-qualified in the design of packaging lines and upstream/downstream optimization”.

Benoit Carbonneau, Director, Engineering for North America adds: “We provide technical advice andexpert assistance for all packaging, processing, utilities and logistics needs. Our approach focuses on value-added engineering, giving our customers the best cost of ownership adapted to their challenges. Our commitments are verified by measurable KPIs and consistent, homogenous deliverables.”


The Business unit delivers solutions every step of the way:

  • Plant Design (preliminary & detailed studies)
  • Packaging & Logistical Solutions
  • Process & Utilities
  • Controls & Automation
  • Boosting Productivity
  • Project Management (structured & standardized methods)
  • Greenfield or Brownfield projects

Gebo Engineering Solutions has 4 main centres of expertise based in France, Canada, Brazil and the Philippines and is supported by the international sales network of Gebo Cermex. Furthermore, Gebo Engineering Solutions offers an unparalleled level of autonomy and impartiality: this is an independent team of experts committed to providing clients with the best possible service. Gebo Engineering Solutions works in partnership with the very best equipment suppliers and specialized service providers in the industry, adhering to a rigorous Project Management Process (PMP) which ensures that all cost, quality and deadline criteria are met without compromising safety. The goal is to develop long-term relationships of trust with clients through best-in-class project management and an unflinching commitment to customer satisfaction.

An eye on the future

Gebo Engineering Solutions will be officially launched this June, with a new dedicated online platform at Gebo Cermex already has big plans for this business unit, with an ambitious growth strategy for consulting activities over the next 3 years. The goal is to be able to provide these dual skills and thereby meet all requirements in and around the packaging line, wherever in the world the customer may be based.