Control system with advanced functions

Sant’Antonino, Switzerland, August 30, 2018. Interroll has further optimized its four-zone MultiControl control system. Simple installation and process images, which represent an ideal solution between big data and PLC capacity, now provide even greater flexibility for Industry 4.0-capable applications.
The MultiControl is a multi-protocol-capable control system for the RollerDrive EC310, key elements of the Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) and for the Pallet Drive (via Pallet Control). It provides a solution for conveying cartons, trays and pallets, thereby offering enormous flexibility when it comes to storage, as well as for designing and installing conveyor systems. It can also be used in deep-freeze environments with no problems.

Thanks to the MultiControl, sensors and the RollerDrive are integrated directly into the field bus level. This eliminates the need for an additional sensor/actuator level. Power is supplied by a standard ribbon cable. Two separate circuits enable the RollerDrives to be safely switched off while the bus communication remains active. The PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT protocols can be used by simply switching between them.

The MultiControl can control four conveyor zones, therefore enabling four RollerDrives and four sensors to be connected. Addressing and configuration are performed by programmable logic controller (PLC) software, a web browser menu or by means of the Interroll Teach-In method, which enables the sequence of all MultiControl units in the conveyor line and the correct direction of rotation of all RollerDrives to be determined. This saves time during on-site commissioning. Various process images represent the ideal solution between big data and PLC capacity. The MultiControl communicates with the PLC in real time at intervals of two milliseconds), which makes it easy to operate and suitable for virtually all applications.

Simpler, fail-safe installation

Now boasting advanced functionalities, the MultiControl spans a wide range of possible applications thanks to its ease of use:

  • Autonomous conveyor with zero pressure accumulation: A PLC with programming is not required when the sophisticated logic of the MultiControl is used
  • Autonomous conveyor with zero-pressure accumulation, but connected to a PLC: This enables the entire conveyor line to be visualized, as the PLC receives all sensor and RollerDrive information. The PLC can also influence the logic for conveying with zero-pressure accumulation when required.
  • If a specific logic is necessary, the MultiControl can be used as an input/output device (I/O). The existing logic for conveying with zero-pressure accumulation is ignored in this case. The connected PLC receives all sensor and RollerDrive information and, via corresponding programming, adapts the flow of material to meet user requirements.

The MultiControl offers increased protection against reverse voltage in the power supply. If this occurs, the MultiControl will not be damaged. This also applies to short circuiting of the power supply for the inputs and outputs. These are now designed to be resistant to short circuiting. Both of these aspects provide much greater protection against faults, especially in the commissioning phase. The communication cable shield is easy to earth using the MultiControl. This makes communication and therefore transport even more reliable in fault-prone systems.