Flexible, clean, reliable: SACMI filling-closures returns to Jakarta


SACMI’s complete filling and closure-container-preform manufacturing range is set to play a leading role at the Allpack Indonesia fair (17-20 October 2018). Pride of place on the Sacmi Group stand will go to the advanced contactless filling valve and new, combined solutions for the effective management of different materials and formats

SACMI is set to play a pivotal role at Allpack Indonesia, the 19th international food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic technology exhibition being held at the Jakarta International Expo from 17 to 20 October. The over 37,000 visitors expected to arrive from 40 countries will have a great opportunity to get a close look at SACMI’s comprehensive range of beverage line management solutions on the Group stand (n° B1D010).

SACMI is an all-round provider and plant engineer for every stage of production, from cap to container, from preform to label application, from filling to palletization. In Indonesia we’ll be showcasing all the latest in our range, which combines ever-lighter, higher-performing caps and containers (by exploiting the full potential and intrinsic advantages of compression technology and using interesting new applications for the pharma and dairy sectors) with the advanced PET preform production platform with injection technology.

A key SACMI hallmark is total integration of the production process upstream and downstream from the bottling line: to illustrate, SACMI has developed and launched the HeroLine, the new complete, integrated line that minimises piece handling operations, boosts process efficiency and improves logistics. SACMI also provides the all-in-one Heroblock configuration which combines the blowing, filling, closure and labelling stages.

As far as filling technology is concerned, SACMI provides a vast range of machines with both electronic control (filling with flow meters) and electro-pneumatic control (level filling), all offering reliability, productivity and unique flexibility. Such as the AWS water filling monoblock, the tried and tested SACMI solution with Master-Slave concept that allows use of just one flow meter on the filling turret for the electronic-volumetric filling of PET containers.

The AWS combines maximum filling precision with contactless filling. The special filling valve never touches the container, thus eliminating any risk of contamination. Moreover, the AWS features an advanced container handling system to ensure easy, efficient processing of all format types.

Another outstanding solution is the combined filling system for bottles (glass or aluminium) and cans, recently developed by SACMI to merge productivity and flexibility while ensuring total product quality. The special monobloc solution consists of a rinser and a filler which, thanks to a fast size changeover system, can handle both bottles and cans; a capping unit for bottles and a standard can seaming machine follow.

Two-in-one filling has been made possible thanks to an innovative SACMI-patented four-in-one machine block (rinser + filler + capper + seamer). The solutions range is a broad one, with fillers having from 12 to 50 filling valves and output rates from 10,000 to 24,000 bottles (or cans) an hour, in various sizes.

In each configuration, the system is equipped with every possible device and process – such as flushing and pre-evacuation – needed to ensure perfect product quality and the system is electronically controlled by flow meters; consequently, hygiene, flexibility and user-friendliness are outstanding. In keeping with SACMI tradition, the monobloc is hard-wearing and easy to maintain. It is, moreover, compatible with the seamers produced by all the leading constructors.

Thanks to SACMI Impianti Indonesia, the Group provides – alongside the complete range of filling solutions – close customer support at every stage of the order, from project to product and after-sales assistance. Last but far from least, customers can count on close support from the SACMI Beverage Lab, certified by the industry’s main international players, where all solutions are tested prior to full-scale industrialisation.