Cargill at Food Ingredients Asia 2018


AFB spoke to Celine Tey, APAC Marketing Leader, Food Ingredients & Bio Industrial Enterprise, Cargill.

The American global agricultural player with a 153 year history is noted for its broad portfolio of ingredients drawn from small and large farms, and communities around the world to provide clients with focused solutions with texturizers, starches and sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate, and fats and oils that are aligned with market trends. “In looking at market needs, we focus on nutrition because we want to bring the best to the industry. We are always seeking new ways to give back to all the key stakeholders and look forward to making things happen through close partnerships around the world, and be a part of making our customers more successful,” Celine said.

As China and Asia have grown into one of their biggest markets, Cargill has become more pro-active in building initiatives such as participating in the Food Ingredients Asia 2018 (FiA 2018) as a fully-integrated company. The company’s Asia Pacific regional headquarter in Singapore oversees its operations in 17 countries across the Asia Pacific in 250 locations.

FiA Product Highlights

“Consumers today do not only want food that is harmless; they also cannot compromise on the taste. So we have to meet them in many perspectives by making food indulgent so they can be emotionally happy, but also deliver all the goodness of the product,” Celine said.

Ten prototypes from the Innovations Solutions team drawn from this year’s theme of ‘Nourishing Partners’ are presented at this year’s exhibition conceived around the theme of health, wellness and indulgence illustrates how Cargill’s proprietary innovative ingredients meshes product trends and market needs to create its products.

  • Baked 3D Snacks – crispy light texture with spicy cheese flavor that melts fast in the mouth.
  • Low tran-fat indulgence – creamy soft-serve chocolate ice cream with 35% less saturated fat, and blending tangy long-life yogurt with proprietary stabilizer, cold soluble thickener, low SAFA soybean oil, and an emulsifying starch creates a thick and creamy egg-free yogurt salad dressing that doubles as a dipping sauce.
  • Lactic Acid Beverages – a tangy coconut yogurt drink ideal for consumers who prefer plant rather than dairy drinks, and a reduced sugar lactic acid flavored milky concentrate that can be mixed with drinks for a refreshing taste.
  • Rich indulgent chocolate product – a creamy double-chocolate drink which has more cocoa powder that remains well suspended in the drink with a good mouthfeel and is blended with a zero calorie sweetener.
  • Olinera™ NH is a non-hydrogenated, low trans-fat palm oil-based confectionery specialty fat:
  1. Does not require tempering so it replaces cocoa butter in making chocolate pralines with truffle, green tea, cheese, and hazelnut fillings.
  2. Used in the red velvet chocolate doughnut mix that incorporates Cargill’s proprietary baking syrup and butter oil substitute. Same key ingredients in red velvet doughnuts are used in the popular messy bun.
  • Sweet buns with fruit filling – a popular bakery item with well browned buns and a filling that has good stability and mouthfeel without overexpanding in the oven.