Haldin Pacific Semesta


Josua Wijanarko, Sales Representative, Tea & Coffee

Naasa Riandji, Sales Representative, Spices & Seasoning

 Haldin’s Business Model

Josua: Haldin has been an ingredients manufacturer since 1993. The plants were built in various parts of Indonesia including Cibitung Industrial Estate in Bekasi, as are all the raw materials.

For FIA, Haldin is proud to present Indonesian coffee as the country is the world’s largest coffee producer. The most famous coffee is grown in Mandheling, North Sumatra. That is also where the Arabica and Robusta coffee that we use comes from.

Our applications for coffee are in beverages, dairy, confectionery, bakery, and Haldin Foods. Haldin Foods is for our retail customers, separate from our B2B business. We do not sell coffee beans, but coffee liquids all over Indonesia and overseas.


Indonesian Coffee Industry Trends

Josua: Indonesia’s recent boom in coffee consumption has made coffee shops do well due to demand from millennials who enjoy ‘nongkrong’ where people meet their friends to chat, or hold business meetings in coffee shops. This is a global trend, but it is mostly seen now in Jakarta. In the past, most Indonesians drink coffee at home but now they drink outside.

Why is Haldin’s Coffee Unique

Josua: Our unique selling point is that we make highly concentrated liquid coffee which requires low-dosage. This means that just 1% of our product in 100 milliliters of liquid equals 6% of instant coffee in 100 milliliters of liquid. There is absolutely no waste for customers compared to ground coffee that they have to throw away after brewing. They only have to dilute the liquid coffee and it is ready to use.

Why do you not sell coffee beans?

Naasa: We are manufacturers that provide ready-to-use solutions to our customers so that they can use it immediately. At present, we only have liquid coffee concentrates.

If it is about spices, we have those in powder form and extracts as we create different products for different applications.

What’s the next step?

Josua: After launching our coffee, we plan to show our other divisions: spices, seasoning, cocoa, vanilla, tea, fruit and vegetables, and essential oils. We already export our products to 56 countries around the world including Thailand.