AFB talks to Mr. Blaž Gorjup, Chairman & Founder of PharmaLinea Ltd., to learn more about his company’s mission during Vitafoods Asia 18.


PharmaLinea’s background

PharmaLinea is a part of a group of companies active in the food supplement industry for more than a decade. Our strategic goal is to be a worldwide market leader in clinically substantiated private label food supplements. We’re from Slovenia that is a neighbor of Austria and Italy.

First time at Vitafoods Asia

We are a traditional exhibitor in Vitafoods Europe, but since a number of companies from Asia come to visit the exhibition, we have made our personal contacts there and at CPhI.

It is our first time exhibiting in Vitafoods Asia to establish a longstanding position and build strong partnerships. Because of our focus on non-conventional formats meaning liquids, sachets, and proprietary technology, we see that we have a lot of potential.

Our partners have lots of products in Vietnam and in South Korea.

Foresee about Asian Markets

One area we see a lot of unanswered questions is about iron, because anemia is typically higher in Asia than in Europe, but typical products [that target anemia] have very high side effects like nausea, digestive irritation, diarrhea, and other problems. Our proprietary technology in liquid form and liquid sachets, syrups, or even capsules with our proprietary iron have much higher bioavailability but no side effects. This is one of the areas we have seen a positive response not only from our partners, but also our users which is the most important.

Unique Products and Services

When you come to an exhibition, you have many potential partners. The question is how do you choose the right one? One of the things we focus on is differentiation. Are you as our partner, able to add to the consumers’ life?

First, what we’re here for is to add our market experience, which means we share how products are launched in many different countries as different as Spain, Switzerland, Poland, etc. We will share this information because we want our partners to be successful in every country they launch their products, and not repeat the mistakes that were done elsewhere.

Second, our products are stable until the end of their shelf life which means we guarantee the active ingredients until the end of their shelf life. We do tests on this with an outside lab for every single product. In the next two years, we hope to have this data available in real time.

Third, all of our products have clinical substantiation, which means clinical data, and most importantly, if you have any problems or questions, we have the answers to your calls. We have solutions.

View of the Thai Market

Thailand has a growing nutraceuticals market and a well established system of marketing through medical detailing and pharmacies. Awareness of the importance of quality and scientifically proven efficacy of food supplements is high, which makes the Thai market highly fit for our solutions. This was recognized by several Thai companies with whom we are engaging in collaboration.