What is Future Direction for Organic Food Market?


Hosted in New York on 8th May, a new masterclass (http://www.ecoviaint.com/masterclass21) will discuss the future direction of the organic
food market. Organic is a major success story in the food industry. In North America,
organic food sales have increased from almost nothing to over USD 50 billion over 20
years. However, questions are being asked about the future evolution

Major questions answered
What growth is projected for the North American and global market? How is the
competitive landscape changing? As few dedicated organic food enterprises now remain,
will large corporations and food retailers wield greater influence? What new certification
schemes are emerging? With growing risks of food fraud, how can organic food
companies strengthen their supply chains? How can they reduce their packaging impacts?
Such questions will be addressed in this new one-day event, organized by Ecovia

Market updates
The morning seminars begin with an update on the US organic food market by the
Organic Trade Association. Amarjit Sahota, Founder and President of Ecovia Intelligence
(event organizer), will cover major trends and market developments in the global arena.
Growth openings will be highlighted for companies looking to build exports to Europe,
Asia and other regions.

Standards and labels
Diana Martin from the Rodale Institute will give details of the Regenerative Organic
Certification scheme. Backed by pioneering organic enterprises, the new standard adds
soil health, social fairness, and animal welfare to organic production methods. Erin
Matchett from Non-GMO Project Verified will give an update on GM labeling and
transparency in the food industry. Launched in 2010, Non-GMO Project Verified is the
fastest growing eco-label in North America with sales now surpassing USD 26 billion.

Marketing trends
Targeting the millennials – some of the most avid buyers of organic foods – will be
discussed by the marketing consultant Sourabh Sharma. In his seminar, he will give some
insights into how to reach this increasingly influential demographic. How can organic
food brands utilize digital marketing? Other seminars will cover organic ingredient trends
& outlook, and traceability in organic supply chains. Guidance will be given to
companies looking to mitigate risks of food fraud in their supply networks.

Packaging impacts
Plastic packaging is now a major concern for organic food companies. It is estimated that
over 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean each year. Andrew Dent, Executive
Vice-President at Material ConneXion, will conduct an afternoon workshop. Titled
‘Sustainable Packaging Solutions’, the workshop is a practical guide for companies
looking to make their packaging more sustainable. An update will be given on green
alternatives to plastics, as well as the use of eco-design approach. Solutions will be
offered to companies looking to close their packaging loops.