Brenntag Food & Nutrition - Thomas M. Corcoran Vice President Food & Nutrition, Brenntag Group

Brenntag Food & Nutrition – At home everywhere in the world

Brenntag Food & Nutrition, part of the Brenntag Group, is a leading provider for food ingredients around the globe. Brenntag as well as Brenntag Food & Nutrition is operating in four regions; EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The company distributes a wide variety of food ingredients including thickeners, natural colors or food additives that enhance the flavor and are healthy to consumer, into various market segments.

As Vice President of Food & Nutrition Brenntag Group, Thomas M. Corcoran is here to share his view on the company’s success.

The Innovative Research and Development

“Brenntag Food & Nutrition knows that the greatest asset of the company are the people. It is because people are the one who innovate. We have 28 Food Application and Development Centers around the globe. This is the critical component to the value proposition that we have, not only to our customers but also to our suppliers as well. We have very well-trained people in the application centers. They are working on product developments for our customers such as reducing the salt content in noodles or enhancing the flavor of a meatless burger. The application centers also have strong product testing capabilities to make sure that the products are going to meet the needs of the consumer and be successful in the marketplace.

Ingredients for the Future

We are sourcing the products from all over the world. We make sure that the way we handle that product consistently meets not only our requirements but also the customer’s as well. In Asia Pacific, there is a lot of work being done on dairy products. Making sure that the dairy products will be well-fortified but also meet the consumer’s needs in regards to taste. For fortified milk, the new coming trend, customers will need more calcium in the milk than ever before, especially babies and younger children. The customer wants the milk products that ensure their health. Brenntag Food & Nutrition is working hard to provide the ingredients to the milk producers to enhance their products and deliver that performance to the consumer. In Ho Chi Minh City, we have an Ultra High Temperature (UHT) pilot plant that is suitable for dairy products such as fresh milk, recombined milk, fermented milk drinks and formulated dairy products. The plant enables us to provide more value added services to both customers and suppliers by reducing the product development and innovation time with pilot trials prior to full production. The UHT pilot plant, is a system that imitates the actual UHT system at the factories. Since we have the UHT pilot plant, customers come to our lab and utilize the system to test small batch sizes of new formulations. This saves them time and money which is especially important considering the rapid development of the dairy market and the need of UHT products.

Highlights @ Fi Asia 2019

There are a lot of things that Brenntag Food & Nutrition can provide to our customers. Not only great ingredients from our suppliers, but also have a reliable supply chain. Local warehousing, local delivery, reliability and the commitment to consistency are an important part of our offerings. For instance, in Thailand, we have our great facilities here with lots of different ingredients. That makes us able to supply to our customers every day. They can’t handle big inventory but we can handle that for them. At the same time, we provide the technical support and product development.

We were very pleased to be part of FI Asia 2019, representing many great suppliers and meeting both customers and suppliers during the show.”