National Food Institute, Thailand


The National Food Institute (NFI) was established with the collective support of the Board of Investment (BOI) the Ministry of Commerce. The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the food industry groups of the Federation of Thai Industries and the Thai Chambers of Commerce. Its establishment was in response to the need for an independent and leading organization of the food industry. The need and recommendation were based on the research study that was commissioned to the Thai Development Research Institute (TDRI) on how to boost development and competitiveness in the food industry.

The establishment of the National Food Institute was approved through cabinet resolution and it was tasked to assume a leading role in the country’s food industry. Its mission was to provide information on trade, render technological and analytical services and coordinate support to resolve food industry-related problems that ultimately could promote development and improve competitiveness of the food industry in the world market. In view of the Ministry of Industry’s (MOI) role in promoting national industry competitiveness and the mission of the newly created organization, MOI then named and declared it as the “National Food Institute”, thus becoming one of its independent network institutions.

“The institute was inaugurated on October 15, 1996 following approval of cabinet resolution of its establishment. Through Ministerial order issued in November 28, 1996 by the Ministry of Industry (Order No. 440/1996), the National Food Institute became one of its independent organizations to promote and facilitate development in Thailand’s food industrial sector.”