Bunge Loders Croklaan introduces Sweetolin: A total fat system solution to achieve unprecedented levels of sugar reduction in confectionery products


A first-of-its-kind total fat system solution that enables guilt-free indulgence with
up to 50% less sugar in the final confectionery product and no compromise on taste

Confectionery players now have a solution at
hand to achieve unprecedented levels of sugar reduction without the worry of compromising
on product taste. Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC), a world leader in edible specialty oils and
fats announces the launch of Sweetolin; a patent-pending total fat system with solutions in
confectionery coatings and fillings applications, enabling up to 50% sugar reduction in the
final product.

Speaking about this latest innovation, Holger Riemensperger, VP Innovation and
Strategy Development said, “As the company that invented Cocoa Butter Equivalents
(CBEs), which are specialty fats that mimic the properties and functionality of cocoa butter
in confectionery products, innovation is core to our DNA. Guided first and foremost by the
goal to deliver a great tasting experience, Sweetolin is truly cutting-edge in that it is the
first innovation that targets sugar reduction through fat.”

“Sugar reduction is top of mind as consumers are increasingly looking for healthier choices
with balanced nutritional profiles. A key priority for the industry is to formulate products
that offer the same great taste and overall experience with less sugar.” added Rafael
Zegarra, Global Marketing Director. “With exactly this in mind, Sweetolin is designed to
meet the specific needs and ambitions of our confectionery customers and will help them
deliver sugar-reduced innovations without compromising on the taste and indulgence true to their brands.”

Oils and fats play an instrumental role in retaining the consumer’s taste experience in
sugar-reduced products. Sweetolin is a total fat system that processes unique combinations
of ingredients to preserve the overall taste and mouthfeel that sugar brings to a final
product. The integrated formula of ingredients support each other in unlocking natural
flavors for an optimal sweet taste experience. Thanks to Sweetolin, the melting property of
the final product is optimized, resulting in a higher sweet perception and experience without any lingering off-taste while maintaining the texture and product performance.

“Sweetolin is the culmination of years of lipid and fats expertise combined with a cultivated understanding of our customer’s challenges. It’s a unique opportunity to co-create a tailor-
made, ready-to-implement solution together with and for our customers. This is a specialized fat system that can be integrated seamlessly into our customers’ fat processing
operations with our R&D support.” said Imro ‘t Zand, Global R&D Lead.

Developed by Bunge Loders Croklaan, the science behind Sweetolin is backed by
longstanding expertise and commitment to deliver innovative and tailor-made specialty fat
solutions to global food manufacturers. In-house lipid and application expertise enable
smooth and effortless co-creation with customers while our global footprint and integrated
supply chain ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply.