Strategic cooperation between Premier Tech and Buhler


Joint venture evolves into a global partnership for bulk packaging in the grain and food markets

Swiss Buhler Group and Premier Tech from Canada are now taking their strategic cooperation two steps further. What started with a close collaboration in August 2019, evolved into a Joint Venture in China and ultimately grew to a global partnership for bulk packaging.

This new global partnership will allow BUhler to access Premier Tech’s leading
technologies in bagging and palletizing eitherthrough the newly created PT-BUhler
joint venture in China, serving the world with cost-effective packaging, or directly
through Premier Tech ‘s facilities for the high -end food feed and grain markets,

“The Global Partnership will serve customers worldwide by building on PremierTech’s
recognized know-how in the field of automated packaging technologies while
making full use of Buhler’s strong international sales and service network,” says Andre
Noreau, CEO of Premier Tech’s Systems and Automation business. Premier Tech and
Buhler are bringing their cooperation to new heights by offering adapted state-of-
the-art packaging solutions around the globe.

BUhler will continue to service its existing installed base and will also focus on sales
and service through its global customer service focus and total plant-solution expertise so that customers can rely on timely, qualified support throughout the life
cycle of the product.

PT-BUhler- Joint Venture covering needs in China and markets interested in cost-
effective automation

After entering their strategic cooperation last year, BUhler and Premier Tech have
workedclosely together in the interest of forming a 50 /50 joint venture in China that
will officially start on July 1, 2020. The aim of the joint venture is to develop and
market new cost-effective packaging solutions based on Premier Tech’s bagging
expertise. Operating in Wuxi, China, PT-Bih ler will focus on serving the food and feed
markets in China, and other markets moving towards cost-effective automation.

“Customers will benefit from significantly more efficient, and even more accurate and
food safe packaging solutions thanks to automation technologies developed by PT-
Buhler,” says Johannes Wick, CEO of BUhler’s Grains & Food business.

Attracting talents from both companies, PT-BUhler will benefit from Buhler’s know-
how of high-quality manufacturing and supply chain management in China as well as
its digital solutions, whereas Premier Tech contributes with its superior packaging
expertise and technological leadership in this field. Both BUhler and Premier Tech will
offer the joint venture’s solutions in their respective markets, with Buhler focusing on
turnkey plants, and Premier Tech on standalone solutions. Both partners are
committedto work together in order to make for the best the customer experiences
while fully addressing their needsand complement each other in all cases where
Buhler and Premier Tech will both be involved in any specific projects.