APPMA to Launch Inaugural Australian Pavilion at Propak Asia 2016



The Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) is pleased to announce that it will be heading to ProPak Asia 2016 on the 15-18th June, Bangkok, Thailand to launch the inaugural Australian Pavilion.

The APPMA developed the pavilion as a way to assist Australian packaging and processing manufacturers and distributors to showcase their products and companies to the Asian market. ProPak Asia is Asia’s No.1 international processing & packaging trade event for Asia’s expanding food, drink & pharmaceutical industries. With a proven track record over 24 successful editions ProPak Asia consistently delivers the best results, high quality and quantity trade visitors from across Asia.

Who is exhibiting?

Exhibiting in the Australian Pavilion is HMPS, Adaptapack, Rhima, Confoil, Accupack, the APPMA and the Australian Institute of Packaging. Outside of the pavilion other APPMA Member companies such as TNA, Heat & Control and Fibre King will also be exhibiting at the show.

What products are they showcasing during ProPak Asia 2016?

AccuPak is a 42-year-old, one-stop engineering solution provider company, specialising in getting powders and granules into paper or plastic bags. Once in their respective containers, AccuPak can then get these containers shipment ready, on pallets, so that you can dispatch immediately.

Although their primary focus is in the handling of powder and granules (the latter can be anything from sugar through to pebbles and everything in-between), they do venture further afield and take on broader packaging/engineering projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asian region.

AccuPak to launch their new PLAGe Sugar Linear Weigher

AccuPak will be launching a new entry level evolution of their ever-so-successful PLAG sugar linear weigher at ProPak Asia 2016; the PLAGe. This machine linear sugar weigher that has taken many years to develop and is now finally ready to be released onto the world market following significant customer feedback and design revisions. This machine will be able to run faster, with less moving parts, be simpler to operate whilst still having the in-build BudPak toughness and durability to perform in the most rugged of refineries.

Adaptapack specialise in the supply of robotic and automated solutions for packing and processing in a wide range of industries. Adaptapack have been established since 2012 but have already gained a reputation of a reliable supplier to Australian industry. Adaptapack have supplied solutions to a versified range of industries including bakery, primary producers, confectionary, pharmaceutical, warehousing, general food and industrial assembly. Their range of Packaging & Processing solutions includes: Case packers, Case erectors, Pick and place, Case sealers, Customised processing solutions and customised assembly solutions. Adaptapack can offer solutions for both small and large businesses across a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceutical, beverage, cosmetic, industrial and food (including dairy, bakery, confectionary, snack foods and pet

Confoil has been an Australian, privately owned company since 1966 with the business starting as a manufacturer of aluminium foil products and is the only manufacturer of foil products in Australia. Diversification of the business from its core foil production has led Confoil to now be a leader in the supply of various packaging solutions. This includes parchment paper (such as muffin wraps), paper board (‘Dualpak’ which is a versatile tray that can be used in conventional as well as microwave ovens as well as frozen), pulp trays, catering foil and ’Novacart’ (an upmarket baking paper). Confoil is Australia’s only manufacturer of quality aluminium foil trays and ovenable paperboard trays. Associated products such as foil and film wrapping and paper and parchment baking products complement the core product range.



Confoil to showcase Dualpak paperboard and
pulp trays at ProPak Asia

Confoil will be showcasing their range of Dualpak paperboard trays, pulp trays, as well as accompanying sealing machinery. The trays are all microwavable, ovenable (to 220°C) and freezable (to -40°C). The liner on the trays also resists moisture from soaking into the tray, so the trays are great for all types of foods. The easy to use machinery allows users to seal the food, keeping it fresh and nutritious. The various lidding options also allow for steam ventilation via micro-perforations and are also easy to peel off the tray. The system has been used in Australia for many years in the following segments: Aged Care, Hospitals, Home Meal Delivery, Prisons, Schools and Home Meal replacements (retail).

HMPS is the largest Australian-owned automation solutions provider to the end-of-line packaging industry in Australia. HMPS are specialists in the development and manufacture of quality high-value machinery for the automation of carton packaging processes. HMPS machinery can be classified as case and tray forming, packing and unpacking closing and sealing packaging machinery and they are specialists in the development and manufacture of quality high-value machinery for the automation of carton packaging processes.

HMPS to launch YUMI the new
collaborative assembly robot at ProPak Asia

HMPS will be showcasing their automation and robotic solutions available to end-of-line packaging applicationsat ProPak Asia. A highlight of the HMPS stand will be the appearance of YuMi®. YuMi® is the result of years of research and development, making collaboration between humans and robots a reality, but it is also much more. YuMi® is a collaborative, dual arm, small parts assembly robot solution that includes flexible hands, parts feeding systems, camera-based part location and state-of-the-art robot control. YuMi® is a vision of the future. YuMi® will change the way we think about assembly automation. YuMi® is ‘you and me’, working together to create endless possibilities.


Rhima Australia specialises in equipment washing systems for businesses, industries and environments where impeccable hygiene and cleanliness are essential. They supply reliable industrial washers off the shelf or custom built to your specifications to comply with HACCP guidelines. Rhima’s extensive range of specialised equipment includes: machines specifically designed for prosciutto, salami and ham washing; bread and vegetable crate washing; rigid and collapsible crates, manual or fully robotic loading and unloading; 120, 240 and 1,000 litre bin washers; washing machines custom requirements; washing and drying machines for chocolate and confectionery moulds; wastewater pre-treatment systems to ensure compliance with local environmental regulations.

Rhima Australia to launch Revolutionary Tray Washers at ProPak Asia

rimaAs Rhima are specialists in washing solutions they will be showcasing revolutionary tray washers mainly for bakeries on their stand at ProPak Asia. Rhima will also have a range of other washers for different washing purposes on their stand.

If your company is looking for specific Packaging and Processing Machinery or you need assistance with developing a tender then the Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) can source the appropriate member companies for you. Just ask them how. The APPMA represents Australia’s leading packaging and processing machinery and allied components companies and your company can become a part of this network. Established in 1983 the APPMA, is Australia’s only national packaging and processing machinery association and the proud owners of AUSPACK; which is the largest biennial packaging and processing machinery and materials exhibition in Australia. The APPMA’s objective is to promote, integrate and foster participation and development at all levels of the packaging and processing machinery side of the industry. Members include manufacturers, distributors and importers of packaging and processing machinery who are suppliers to industries such as food, beverage, dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, confectionery, bakery & snacks and fresh produce.

APPMA to launch 2016 Member Directory during ProPak Asia

The Member Directory includes detailed information on Australia’s leading packaging & processing machinery and allied components companies in Australia.

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) was established in 1963 to provide a professional identity for packaging technologists. 53 years later the AIP remains the only professional body designed to educate, train and develop packaging technologists and other individuals involved within the packaging industry throughout Australasia. The only difference today is that the AIP is a lot wider in its reach and has opened up its membership to all fields within the industry (marketing, sales, designers, engineers to name a few) and is also assisting many parts of Asia through its educational programs. The AIP is now a member of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and works closely with many other international packaging organisations. The AIP is at the forefront of packaging training and education in Australasia; helping to shape the careers of generations of packaging professionals – from packaging technologists to international packaging business leaders along with a host of people in associated disciplines – sales and marketing, purchasing, production and environment.

AIP to launch their Education & Training Courses
for the Asian Region at ProPak Asia

Come & Visit the AIP and find out about the Diploma in Packaging Technology, The Certificate in Packaging, The Master in Food & Packaging Innovation, the Certified Packaging Professional Qualification and much more.

The APPMA would like to extend an invitation for everyone to come and visit the Inaugural Australian Pavilion in Hall 5 at ProPak Asia 2016. Come and meet the Australian Packaging & Processing Manufacturers and Distributors and see what new and innovative products and solutions they will be showcasing to suit the Asian Region. If you would like to arrange a meeting with any of the companies in the Australian Pavilion please email today.