Dairy Experts Set to Convene in Singapore for 3rd Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2016


The Asia-Pacific region has emerged as a major player in global dairy production and consumption. Aggregate consumption gains in dairy products in Asia over the past decade have exceeded twice the annual global average. Asia-Pacific’s dairy industry is projected to be a key economic driver, which is now expected to grow faster than the mature markets of the United States and Western Europe.

Milk-MilkThroughout the world, New Zealand has invested in everything from milk powder to more high-value products including lactoferrin, UHT milk, milk protein concentrate, and cheese, while European processing centers have invested heavily in plants to dry milk powder and whey protein in recent years. As the Asia-Pacific region plays an increasingly important role in the dairy industry, their strategies are also changing. New Zealand has embarked on a strategy to reduce its reliance on the export of whole milk powder to China over the past few months. Both New Zealand and Europe have now placed greater focus on skimmed milk powder and butter, and have expanded their market horizons to the wider Asia-Pacific regions of Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, and even the Middle East.

Dairy market conditions in the Asia-Pacific region have also been updated in 2016. Many countries, especially those in Asia, have rewritten their food safety laws and tightened their geographic indication systems or are contemplating nutrition or label regulations. Australia – China and New Zealand – South Korea FTAs have recently entered into force and not only is dairy market access a priority for all these three countries except China, the EU is using trade deals to “transfer its restrictive geographic indication regime to as many countries as possible.”

Based on that, the 3rd Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2016 will be launched in Singapore from November 15th-18th, 2016. The summit will gather distinguished experts as well as industry leaders for a thorough analysis of the latest regulatory dynamics and industry integration, local dairy market knowledge, safety controls from raw materials, consumer insights, dairy R&D trends and innovation, successful marketing strategy, liquid milk and other dairy products market, packaging industry layout as well as farm management and sustainability within the dairy industry in the Asia-Pacific region. It will provide an effective platform for attendees to share their valued experiences and opinions of the many challenges and opportunities within the Asia-Pacific dairy industry.

For any food and beverage industry business owner who is considering conducting operations in the Asia-Pacific region, attendance at this summit is strongly recommended. There will also be plenty of opportunities to socialize in order to promote greater networking and partnership building.

Eight Reasons Not to Miss the Event: 3rd Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2016

    • More than 200 delegates from different Asia-Pacific countries will discuss the latest developments and challenges in the dairy industry
    • Obtain authoritative insights from government officials and industry leaders on regulation and policy updates in Asia-Pacific: China, Korea, and New Zealand
    • Grasp the R&D trends on infant formula milk powder, milk beverages, and yogurt
    • Deeply understand how to ensure quality and safety in the dairy industry
    • Thoroughly understand the overall outlook of the Asia-Pacific dairy industry, discuss market trends including the goat milk market and consumer insights with experts and industry leaders
    • Pre-event expansion: focus on packaging strategic layout in Asia-Pacific dairy industry
    • Pay attention to liquid milk issues, including UHT market trends and flavored milk, and learn more about successful marketing cases and innovation in the dairy industry
    • Learn more details about farm management and animal health

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