FILTEC Showcases its INTELLECT Empty Can Inspection


FILTEC, the leading global provider of inspection solutions for the food and beverage industries, showcases its INTELLECT Empty Can Inspection (ECI) system designed to maximize product quality and return on investment (ROI). The INTELLECT ECI solution is an intelligent automated machine vision system that tracks and inspects every container on-line to prevent damaged or contaminated cans from reaching the filler and seamer to reduce downtime and increase production efficiency. It delivers high-speed, precise inspection performance of up to 2,400 cans per minute and is easy to integrate on the production line with its compact footprint.

“The beverage industry runs at high efficiency with tight margins and prides itself on quality, safety and brand image” said Christian Beck, Senior Product Manager at FILTEC. “Our Empty Can Inspection solution brings increased process efficiency and cuts value-add losses by allowing only pristine cans to make it through this inspection.”

The solution inspects empty cans to detect a wide variety of defects including: 

  • Grooves, wrinkles and coating defects 
  • Visible cracks and holes 
  • Oil, grease and stains 
  • Can ovality 
  • Foreign objects
  • Bent, damaged or cracked flanges 
  • Short or missing flange 
  • Metal slivers 
  • Clip-outs 
  • Residual liquid 

ECI joins FILTEC’s suite of INTELLECT in-line inspection solutions that utilize measurement, inspection and control technologies to examine each container with speed and precision to elevate both quality achievement and production performance.