Europe, Home of cheese: French Cheese to Star in New Three-Year Campaign

  • Instagram account @homeofcheese_th offers recipes and advice on how to pair French cheese with local ingredients such as lychee, Asian pear and coriander

Thailand’s growing love for all things cheese will receive a boost with the launch of a multi-faceted new campaign which aims to spread the word about France’s authentic and natural cheese products.

Europe, Home of Cheese

The campaign, titled “Europe, Home of Cheese,” will run from now through 2022 and aims to promote France’s acclaimed expertise in cheese-making across a variety of events, ranging from chef talks, KOLs partnerships and trade networking events to masterclasses conducted by Laurent Pousse at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school and in-store tasting sessions.

Encouraging consumers to “Rendez-vous with the Cheeses from France,” the campaign will also see carefully selected French cheeses be made widely available at major supermarkets country-wide.

The Origins of French Cheese

As France’s most exported dairy product, French cheese is renowned throughout the world. Some of the world’s most famous cheeses include Camembert, Mimolette, Comté and Emmental, all of which carry the “Made in France” guarantee of quality.

In fact, France boasts 1,200 varieties of cheese whose distinctive features are closely linked to their regions of origin and factors such as climate, soil and undersoil. For generations, each region has developed its own know-how for dairy farming and processing, resulting in cheeses with their own distinctive smell, flavour and texture.

The campaign will highlight the rigorous agricultural production methods used in the European Union, particularly in regard to authenticity, respect for the environment, animal welfare and sustainability.

Cheesy Events and Happenings

On September 23rd, Home of Cheese (@homeofcheese_th) hosts an Instagram Live Session to share more knowledge about French Cheese at Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant in Bangkok, helmed by Maître Cuisinier de France, Sylvain Royer. Arisa Pom Nakkerd, Scarlett’s Operations Manager will introduce ways of savouring and pairing French cheese that will excite the local palate. She enriches the session with tales of cheese and the various distinctive types of French cheese.

On October 27, Cocotte Farm Roast & Eatery in Bangkok will host a trade networking event headlined by the restaurant’s head chef Jériko Van Der Wolf, who boasts experience in several Michelin-star restaurants in his homeland of France as well as appearances on popular TV shows such as Iron Chef Thailand and Master Chef Thailand. Jeriko, who has a decade’s experience in the kitchen at only 27 years of age, will share his perspectives on the wonders of French cheese and his insights from working closely with quality suppliers. The event will be attended by key food service professionals, buyers and relevant media, who will enjoy canapes and interactive food stations with French cheese as their focus, selected wines and other beverages.

As knowledge is power, the campaign also organizes student masterclasses to teach the next generation of chefs and culinary aficionados everything there is to know about cheese. Hosted by chef and cheese specialist Laurent Pousse, the masterclasses will take place at the Le Cordon Bleu Dusit culinary school.

Social Media Activation

The campaign and its events and tastings are accompanied by the “Europe, Home of Cheese” Instagram account (@homeofcheese_th), a page dedicated to everything cheese-related. Not only does the page aim to educate followers on the diversity and history of French cheese, it provides heavily localised content in the form of fun facts, inspiring recipes and pairing advice for local ingredients as diverse as lychee, Asian pear and coriander. To make it even more exciting, contests will be shared for followers to participate and win prices or even free tickets to the aforementioned masterclasses at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit!

The Instagram page will also engage followers through partnerships with key influencers in Bangkok’s restaurant, fitness and family planning scenes. These carefully selected ambassadors will share their diverse experiences with French cheese, from how it influences their cooking philosophy to the role it plays in their active lifestyle or parenting principles.

Anytime, Anywhere and Anyhow

While widely popular throughout Europe, cheese is also a growing product category worldwide, including in markets like Thailand, where increasingly educated consumers are seeking more authentic and natural choices—for which cheese of European origin has the strongest credentials.

This campaign is part of the promotional program for CNIEL, which is the umbrella organisation for the French dairy industry and is responsible for the promotion of French dairy products worldwide.

Emilie Martin, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, CNIEL says, “The cheese trend in Asia started in Japan some 30 years ago. In South-East Asia cheeses were first introduced through burgers, pizza or the traditional cheese platter, but now we see more and more creative ways to incorporate cheese into everyday local snacking habits.”

“Thanks to their diversity of textures, aromas and tastes, French cheese is a very versatile ingredient. Everyone can find a cheese to like. Pairing French cheese with local ingredients is a perfect way to show how accessible these products are in term of taste.”

With the support of the European Union, the campaign showcases the authenticity, quality and versatility of French cheese that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Similar projects are being held concurrently across Asia, as well as Australia and the U.S.A.