FILTEC, the leading global provider of inspection solutions for the food and beverage industries, showcases its INTELLECT Vision Pressure Inspection Solutions for bottles, including pressure and vacuum sealing for cans. Correctly pressurized containers reduces waste and costly customer returns, helping deliver a high return on investment (ROI).

INTELLECT Vision Pressure is an adaptive 3D solid state inspection solution for bottle and can lines. Its non-contact, high resolution, point cloud laser profiling technology precisely measures the external surface topography of container closures to ensure that only correctly pressurized products are shipped to the consumer. Its fast inspection rate allows lines to be operated at their maximum throughput rates without hindering productivity. Finally, FILTEC’s Continuous Adaptive Threshold monitoring software analyzes the inspection results and dynamically sets quality threshold limits that rejects only those containers that do not meet either their pressure or vacuum criteria. The result:  Improved quality and greater value-add productivity.

In-line pressure inspection helps eliminate containers with substandard seals from reaching the consumer. This includes nitrogen-dosed containers, carbonated drinks and hot-filled containers. Sealing failure of either cans or bottles results in poor quality products arriving at the point of sale with potential contamination and health risks. Product leakage from either cans or bottles can lead to collapsing cases during transportation followed by customer complaints, expensive product returns and waste. FILTEC’s accurate, reliable pressure inspection solution for cans and bottles ensures sound container closure performance while protecting consumer safety.

Vision Pressure Inspection Solutions join FILTEC’s suite of INTELLECT non-contact in-line solutions that utilize measurement, inspection and control technologies to examine each container with speed and precision, elevating both quality achievement, production performance and customer loyalty.