The 5th Italian Cuisine Week presents the charming deliciousness of extraordinary Italian foods prepared with premium ingredients


The Italy Embassy in Bangkok together with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC) have organized The 5th Italian Cuisine Week, establishing a tasty territory in the heart of Bangkok. The event venue gathers leading Italian restaurants and authentic Italian ingredients for Thai people to savor. Famous chefs show up to prepare wonderful dishes amid the atmosphere of concerts and Italian cultural performances at Quartier Avenue in The EmQuartier shopping center. 

His Excellency Lorenzo Galanti, the Italian Ambassador to Thailand said “The week of Italian cuisine in the world has come this year to its fifth edition. Thailand is perhaps the only country where we are able to hold this event in presence, as in most other countries online events will be the rule. The week of Italian cuisine is also dedicated this year to celebrate the 200 years since the birth of Pellegrino Artusi, the author of a very famous book of Italian recipes which has actually become part of Italian literature. I am delighted that Italian cuisine is quite popular in Thailand. Thailand, very much like my country, is a food conscious nation with a very sophisticated notion of food and holds in high regard its own cuisine, while at the same time a great appreciation for some foreign cuisines, as the Italian one. 

An important dimension of food is health. If we are what we eat, then we can confidently say that the Mediterranean diet is a model of balanced eating, which has been included 10 years ago in the list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Italy is against any form of front-of-package classification of food products which categorize these products as healthy or not healthy without any adequate scientific base. These simplistic ways of labelling products are at risk of unduly compromising the reputation of our most typical food products. At the same time, I would like to highlight the importance of being able to distinguish, as a consumer, a true, authentic Italian product from a 

product that is perhaps Italian style, but not really Italian. This phenomenon that we call “Italian sounding” is related to intellectual property and the protection of consumer. We will continue upholding the importance of recognizing the authentic Italian product as part of our culture and as part of an honest relationship with the consumer around the world” 

The 5th Italian Cuisine Week is a grand annual fair. It is organized simultaneously in about 110 countries this year on the theme of “Piazza Delizioso”. In Thailand, The EmQuartier shopping center has been turned into a square of deliciousness where Thai people can touch the charm and taste delicious foods and premium ingredients of Italy. Natural ingredients are wonderfully blended and become special dishes with nice tastes which have impressed people worldwide. This makes Italy the healthiest country of the world. 

Besides, the event is promoting and supporting the operators of Italian restaurants in Thailand as well as premium products from Italy. The event venue is

divided into 3 zones that is Plaza, Markets and Town Square which gather foods from many leading Italian restaurants as well as quality ingredients in the atmosphere of concerts and Italian culture to provide visitors with the authentic charm of Italy. 

So many Italian restaurants participate in this year’s event. Thea include Appia, Duo Cucina, Favola at Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi, Nonna Nella by Lenzi, Opus Wine Bar and Restaurant, O Sole Mio, Paolo‘s Deli, Peppina. Highlight dishes include authentic pizza and pasta, processed meat, sausages, premium cold cuts, truffles and cheeses as well as Italian beverages, desserts, coffees and gelato that well-known chefs creatively and meticulously are preparing in Italian styles for visitors to try. 

Do you know? Italy produces over 400 varieties of cheese in a multitude of different flavors with undisputed quality. 

Italy is the world leader in wine production. Over 800 grape varieties for an incredible biodiversity. 

Italy has been the leader in pasta making for over 500 years. There are more than 200 pasta shapes. 

Italy counts more than 150 years of experience in tomato sauce. Still made in the traditional way. 

Italy holds the world record for its number of olive varieties from which stems varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Unique flavors exported to more than 70 countries. Italy is the top exporter of cured meats worldwide. The best ingredients in more than 600 different specialties. 

Italian foods are very popular in Thailand and most other countries worldwide. Besides, Italy is among the dream destinations of many tourists and especially foodies. The 5th Italian Cuisine Week in Thailand has gathered the authentic and unique tastes of Italy in one place for Italy lovers and Thai gourmets to indulge in enchanting Italian foods: a foretaste a your next trip to Italy!