FILTEC Showcases its INTELLECT Full Pack Inspection Solution


How do you know if all the containers in each pack are full, or if there are the right number of containers in the pack? Once each pack is sealed prior to shipment, there is no way of knowing if the contents of each pack are complete. INTELLECT Pack Inspection solution automatically detects both missing and partially filled packs, then documents and removes them from the line prior to shipment to prevent them from reaching the consumer. This Quality Assurance inspection technology operates at the final point on the line, where the product reaches its highest value-add in the process.

INTELLECT Pack inspects glass, plastic, or can containers to help avoid costly returns and potential product contamination. The capabilities of this comprehensive inspection solution include:

  • Missing containers
  • Grossly underfilled containers
  • Broken containers
  • Displaced containers
  • Leaking containers

An intuitive operator display provides the unique ability to “see inside” cases, crates and shrink packs to give a clear inspection image of each pack. INTELLECT Full Pack Inspection Solution can be configured with a wide range of complementary applications and modules, including a flap inspection application. A dual tier configuration of the INTELLECT Pack Inspection solution provides complete inspection capability for expanded packs. Full pack inspection helps protect a premium producer’s brand image by ensuring that only correctly filled and properly sealed packs reach the consumer.