Market Survey by TSUNO Group Reveals “Rice Bran Oil” Market in Japan Is Expanding Under COVID-19 Pandemic


In Japan the “Rice Bran Oil” market grew by 42% compared to the previous year. The market research reports on the sales figure of edible vegetable oils at mass retailers in Japan. Increase in home cooking and health-consciousness on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TSUNO Group (HQ: Wakayama, Japan surveys the sales figure of edible vegetable oils and rice bran oil in Japan. (Data of The Nikkei 64 major chains stores and 461 stores in Japan March to May result based on total sales).
As a result, the market of Rice Bran Oil for household use has expanded by 42% compared to the previous year.
While the vegetable oil sales increased by 11% from previous year, rice bran oil and sesame oil sales grew by 42% during a state of emergency in Japan.
The rapid expansion of these two oils could be explained by a rise in people’s health-consciousness under COVID-19 pandemic.

The growth of edible vegetable oil market for household use due to the increase in the number of people staying at home.

After the declaration of state of emergency from the Government of Japan, , the number of people who cook at home increased from various reasons : work from home, closure of schools and restaurants.

The rise in demand for edible vegetable oils is one of the key points to consider the rapid expansion of rice bran oil market.

The rise in demand for healthy and versatile vegetable oils.
Rice bran oil and sesame oil are highly versatile for daily use. The demand for rice bran oil has expanded because it’s resistant to oxidation and Japanese people could have a good impression on its healthy aspect.

Sales of TSUNO bran rice bran oil expanded.
The TSUNO brand rice bran oil ranges from 180g to 1500g.
Usually, 500g size is the most popular however 1500g sales has increased in this pandemic period.
Rice bran oil is recognized as a healthy oil that can be used any kind of dishes in daily use.
A survey conducted in 2019 for TSUNO’s EC site members in Japan shows that rice bran oil is used in fried foods, stir-fried foods, simmered foods, and dressings including Japanese-style Chinese and western style foods.