K 2016 – The Final Technological Frontier for The Beverage Industry, with Sacmi


Extreme productivity and flexibility. At the Düsseldorf fair Sacmi will be showcasing its latest innovations on the caps and preform manufacturing front. Added value, “total” quality control systems, automation and efficiency.

Producing 1,000 caps per minute with just 24 cavities, a cycle time of just 1.4 seconds and the lowest energy consumption in the sector? Unleashing the full potential of marketing with advanced, flexible, practical digital decoration of caps? With Sacmi you can: and these are just a few of the technological innovations that’ll be on show at K 2016 – HALL13 | 13A63, the triennial international plastic exhibition being held from 19 to 26 October in Düsseldorf.


Caps & Digital Printing

BA pioneer in closure-making compression technology, Sacmi has, over the years, developed incremental innovations, some of which will be previewed at the Düsseldorf fair. Cap digital printing solutions have now reached an even higher level of development and we’re already exploring what some consider to be the final frontier of digital decoration: unlimited colour development, ultra-high definition, yet also extreme flexibility to ensure the right response whatever the customer’s production/promotional needs.

Plastic Containers

From cap to pack, Sacmi has harnessed all its compression technology expertise and know-how to design a completely new plastic container manufacturing platform (highly interesting applications in the pharmaceutical and dairy sectors will be presented at the fair), thus mounting a competitive challenge to alternative technologies thanks to outstanding flexibility, productivity and energy saving.

Preforms & Inspection Systems

With Sacmi you can, thanks to a rare ability. Such as in the manufacture of PET preforms with injection technology, a sector where Sacmi has combined unparalleled productivity and quality with solutions that ensure maximum compatibility with existing moulds, thus offering a further competitive advantage interms of flexibility.

Complete, integrated solutions, designed to make use and maintenance easier than ever. With one overriding goal: to give the manufacturer a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency. That’s why Sacmi has developed and market-launched advanced vision and quality control systems capable of inspecting every part of the product, identifying any potential defects and eliminating any risk of line inefficiencies.

Total Quality Control & After Sales

Interoperability and User-friendliness?

No problem, thanks to the advanced software that is shared by all Sacmi-designed vision systems, for every stage of primary packaging production from bottle to closure to labelling.

Visitors to K 2016 (Europe’s main event for the industry and, indeed, the world’s biggest) can expect all this and more, not to mention the reliability that Sacmi provides in terms of customer assistance; we have facilities on five continents, a far-reaching, efficient spare parts service and all machines feature remote control and assistance services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Sacmi, the perfect partner for the beverage industry. Visit our stand at K 2016; specialised Sacmi technicians and personnel will be on hand to illustrate the latest products and identify the most suitable solutions to ensure your investment decisions are converted into success.