Celebrating Australian Organic Awareness Month with BENEO’s natural ingredients


The demand for organic products in Australia has been gathering pace and The Land Down Under’s organic industry is not showing any signs of slowing down. By 2022, Australia’s organic industry is predicted to be worth $1.2 billion, a notable growth from the industry’s value of $919 million in 20161.

One of the driving forces of this demand growth is an increasing number of consumers who are replacing foods that are genetically-modified and contain artificial preservatives with foods that are produced only with natural ingredients. In a survey conducted by Nielsen2 in Australia and New Zealand, nine out of the 10 consumers who made this dietary switch felt that artificial ingredients are harmful to their own or their family’s health.

It is little wonder then that 67% of consumers in Australia are willing to pay a premium for products that are made with natural ingredients3.

Held this September, the Australian Organic Awareness Month4 is a month-long campaign to continue raising awareness about the benefits of consuming organic products. It’s a testament to the bright future of organic products in Australia and manufacturers can capitalise on the growing demand by incorporating BENEO’s all-natural functional ingredients.

BENEO’s chicory fibres – Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose

The chicory plant – an ancient vegetable – stores extra energy in its roots in the form of inulin and other carbohydrates which can be extracted and isolated for use. BENEO’s Orafti® inulin and oligofructose, derived from the chicory root through a gentle hot water extraction method, are used by food manufacturers to replace sugar and fat with high fibre content and are effective in boosting the digestive health of consumers.

Both Orafti® inulin and oligofructose are prebiotic fibres that feed the good bacteria already existing in the gut, such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. These dietary fibres are not digested in the small intestine and therefore reach the large intestine almost intact.

Numerous intervention studies have shown that Orafti® inulin and oligofructose support the growth of these beneficial intestinal bacteria. In turn, the development of certain potentially harmful bacteria is inhibited. 

BENEO’s inulin and oligofructose stand out in the market as the only existing prebiotics derived from herbal sources. These chicory root fibres appeal to food manufacturers as they can be easily incorporated into foods that we consume regularly such as chocolates, cereals, baking and dairy products.

Palatinose™ – The next generation sugar

Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) is a natural, non-GMO carbohydrate made from sugar beet. It is the only fully digestible and slow release carbohydrate. It is the perfect carbohydrate source for products geared towards those suffering from diabetes and offers a unique alternative to high glycemic carbohydrates, with all the nutritional and physiological advantages of a fully digestible, slow-release carbohydrate. It provides natural energy in a balanced way, with less blood glucose fluctuation and steadier insulin release. This results in an improved metabolism, helping the body to burn more fat for energy, which makes it an ideal carbohydrate in regularly-consumed products such as sports drinks, tea, cereals and energy bars.

Palatinose™ is also the only fully digestible carbohydrate with a low glycemic index (GI=32) that offers a fully available, balanced and prolonged energy supply in the form of glucose. At a concentration of 4 kcal/g, Palatinose™ provides the same amount of energy as sucrose. However, because of its stable molecular make up, this functional carbohydrate is digested more slowly and delivered in a sustained way to the body’s cells. Palatinose™ is also the first fully digestible sugar that is kind-to-teeth.

Remypure S52 – BENEO’s new grade of functional native rice starch

BENEO’s new grade of functional native rice starch, Remypure S52, creates an opportunity for manufacturers wanting to replace condiments made from chemically modified starches with cleaner label sauces and dressings. It is characterised by its high tolerance to severe processing conditions, overcoming low pH, high temperature and high shear. Due to BENEO’s unique thermal inhibition process, the functional properties of Remypure rice starches are obtained without using chemicals. Remypure S52’s performance level is comparable, or superior, to modified food starches, due to its reduced granule breakdown during processing.

BENEO’s clean label rice starches can help to reduce fat in products, yet still convey a creamy texture and mouthfeel. Depending on the used rice variety, rice starch obtains textures ranging from short to long, making it ideal for use as a texturiser for short texture recipes such as puddings, flans and mousses, as well as longer texture yoghurts and creamier desserts.

Harnessing a healthy nation with BENEO’s natural products

BENEO’s natural products such as Palatinose™, Remypure S52 and Orafti® inulin and oligofructose provide food manufacturers with the natural ingredients to produce high quality organic foods. In addition to catering to the growing demands for organic food, these ingredients offer a wide array of health benefits, satisfying the growing number of health-conscious customers in Australia.

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Christian Philippsen Managing Director BENEO Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

As Managing Director of BENEO Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Christian Philippsen charts the direction for the BENEO business and ensures that the company enjoys sustainable growth in the Asia Pacific region.

Christian aims to further develop and grow the market for BENEO’s functional nutrients across the region, which includes functional fibres, functional carbohydrates, specialty rice ingredients, and wheat gluten.

His 2013 move to Asia from Europe represents a welcome return to the region for Christian. Back in 2006 he kick-started his career in Singapore as a young marketing associate with BENEO-Palatinit Asia Pacific, the predecessor company of BENEO Asia Pacific today. Since this initial appointment, Christian has progressed within the organisation to hold several instrumental roles with the group. These roles, which have covered multiple Asian and European markets, have equipped him with the valuable industry knowledge, procurement expertise, insightful research and analysis skills, and vast marketing experience, which will drive BENEO’s business forwards in the region.

Christian holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Ruprecht-Karls University in Germany. He lives in Singapore with his wife, and is a proud father of two.