“Classical Françoise Pancake,” a Very Popular Menu at “A Happy Pancake Tokyo Kichijoji Store” Will Be Served as 2018 Christmas Exclusive in Its Hong Kong Store


Classical Françoise Pancake” which is a very popular menu limited at “A Happy Pancake Tokyo Kichijoji Store” will be served as 2018 Christmas Exclusive in Hong Kong Store from Thursday, December 13, 2018 to Thursday, January 31, 2019.

If you could not enjoy in Tokyo Kichijoji Store before, please take this opportunity to enjoy it.

The made-to-order fluffy pancake is tastefully intertwined with the françoise sauce. With its charming fragrance and refreshing sweetness and sourness, it perfectly matched with the melted white chocolate mousse.
Together with the tasty combinations and pancakes, just like classic candy beloved in Europe.

Price: HK$138
Limited Period: From Thursday, December 13, 2018 to Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Secret of the Fluffiest Pancake in the World
All pancakes are “Baked-to-order”, ensuring every pancake presented is perfect with its “light texture”. From mixing the batter to decorating the dish with colourful toppings, the whole process takes around 20 minutes. A Happy Pancake is additive-free, no use of any baking powder, but using its own natural unique way to make the pancakes softer and fluffier. First, the batter will be mixed only when there is an order so as much fresh air as possible can be trapped inside; second, the baking temperature must be precise – pancake cannot rise at high temperature while it cannot be cooked thoroughly at low heat. Therefore, the temperature needs to be maintained at an optimum level.

Apart from the meticulous care in the making process, A Happy Pancake paid great effort in choosing the ingredients. The best quality flour and eggs from the chickens which are in good growing environment are used for their pancakes. The signature honey butter is made by whipping top class manuka honey from New Zealand and cultured butter made from Hokkaido milk. Add the honey butter and caramel syrup to enjoy the unique fluffiness of the delicate pancake to the fullest.


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