LANXESS showcases Velcorin® at ASEAN’s leading trade fair for the beverage ingredient industry

  • Velcorin®, the cold sterilization technology, offers microbiological stability without compromising the beverage quality 
  • Velcorin® has a proven broad range of application in non- alcoholic and alcoholic beverages 
  • Velcorin® is not present in the final beverage 
  • State-of-the-art Velcorin® DT Touch dosing units “made in Germany” guarantee a reliable application of Velcorin® into the beverage 

Bangkok – September 11, 2019 – LANXESS is showcasing its products and technologies for the beverage industry at FI Asia 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, from September 11 to 13. This trade fair is one of the largest gatherings of beverage and liquid food ingredient suppliers in the ASEAN region. 

“On the one hand, growing urbanization and disposable income affects the beverage market in ASEAN leading to new opportunities for beverage manufacturers. On the other hand, consumers are looking for minimal processed beverages produced under environmental friendly conditions. LANXESS Velcorin® technology provides a holistic and sustainable solution – delivering high quality beverages with minimal energy consumption. To meet customer requirements, we established a Velcorin® hub in Bangkok in 2018 to offer comprehensive technical service and benefits to our customers,” said Janmarc Heitmann, head of the Beverage Technology business line at the LANXESS Material Protection Products business unit (MPP). “Velcorin® allows beverage producers maximum flexibility in beverage production to deliver short term product innovations to a volatile beverage market with fast changing consumer demands.” 

Velcorin® is added to beverages such as juices, flavored water, ice tea and wine immediately before bottling to control secondary infection of the product throughout the critical filling process. This technology is compatible with all packaging materials such as PET or glass bottles, cans, cartons, pouches or bag in box applications. Key authorities such as the Scientific Committee of the EU, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Joint Expert Committee for Food Additives (JECFA) of the World Health Organization (WHO) evaluated and documented the positive impact of Velcorin® (dimethyl dicarbonate) in beverage stabilization. 

Safely filled 

Microorganisms such as yeasts, molds and bacteria are present throughout the whole beverage production and filling process – in the air, in the equipment, in the packaging material – on bottles and closures and in the beverages themselves. They do not only impair the sensory properties of the product but can also pose a health risk for consumers. Even at low concentrations, Velcorin® is highly effective against typical spoilage microorganisms without compromising the taste. 

Part of the Velcorin® technology is LANXESS Velcorin DT Touch unit which is used for dosing small amounts of Velcorin® highly precisely into the final beverage just before bottling. The dosing units are designed and manufactured in Germany based on 40 years know-how and continuous improvement and innovation. They are easy to handle and safe to operate, with operational control and visualization of the dosing process via touch panel. Velcorin® DT Touch dosing units ensure exact dosing and excellent distribution of Velcorin® in the beverage. The state-of-the-art dosing units can easily be integrated into new or existing beverage production lines. 

Along with changed consumer behavior to more healthy drinks and other new beverage trends, densely populated regions like ASEAN are facing increasing tough challenges. While developing new products to gain market share, producers need to maintain in parallel production standards and output while fulfilling high quality criteria, especially protection 

against microbiological spoilage. Due to these circumstances, Velcorin® technology provides an effective and sustainable solution for the cold sterilization of beverages. According to the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), experts at the British Euromonitor International market research institute predict that the volume of global trade in the soft drink segment will grow by 18 percent until 2020. An increase as high as even 29 percent is expected in Asia, the largest regional market. Meanwhile, sales of wine will also rise by 21 percent by 2019 in the Asian region. 

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