SAVE FOOD Will Debut in China During swop 2017


” SAVE FOOD Will Debut in China During swop 2017 ”

SAVE FOOD is a joint initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Messe Düsseldorf, and interpack, the leading trade fair for processing and packaging. Its goal is to fight global food waste and loss. In order to do so, it promotes interdisciplinary dialogue and sparks debate with the goal of generating solutions across the entire value chain “from field to fork”. “SAVE FOOD”, as a theme, was launched for the first time at interpack 2011 with an international congress and a special exhibition. At present, more than 350 companies, trade organizations, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), and research institutes have registered as SAVE FOOD members.

A study from FAO and State Grain Administration reveals that 35% of China’s annual grain production was wasted. In order to reduce China’s food waste and loss, SAVE FOOD will debut in China during swop 2017– China and Asia’s leading processing and packaging exhibition, addressing the target groups of food, beverages, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, non-food consumer goods and industrial products in key emerging markets.


SAVE FOOD will be on display with a featured area and forum to share information with the public. Product and technology suppliers focusing on changing the food supply chain will exhibit the following six technologies:

  • High barrier films
  • Sterilization technology
  • Modified atmosphere packaging technology 
  • Vacuum packaging technology
  • Detection technology
  • Refrigeration technology

The featured area will attract not only the producers from the food, beverage, confectionery, and bakery industries, but also the manufacturers of meat, fresh food, fruit, vegetable, agricultural products, liquid food and other sectors.

The SAVE FOOD China forum will lead talks between exhibitors and visitors from the processing and packaging industry to discuss how to prevent food loss and waste through advanced processing and packaging technologies, innovative packaging materials and processing methods.

In the future, the organizers will work more closely with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture to become familiar with Chinese government policies and measures regarding SAVE FOOD. Relevant events will be organized in China to demonstrate new methods of saving food while promoting the SAVE FOOD initiative. Furthermore,the organizers will help exhibitors to connect globally with SAVE FOOD partners to learn about new technologies and concepts from around the world.

Benefits for participants include:

  • Opportunity to present @ SAVE FOOD China forum
  • Opportunity to connect with SAVE FOOD partners globally
  • Provision of studies on food loss and waste
  • Promotionalchannel on the SAVE FOOD section of the swop website
  • Promotion opportunity at select SAVE FOOD China offline events


swop 2017,

organized by Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., and China Center for Food and Drug International Exchange, will occupy nearly 60,000 square meters of the Shanghai New International Expo Center and gather 1,000 leading manufacturers in the processing and packaging industry. The “Packaging Materials and Products” in cooperation with “Packaging Family”, a non-profit organization and community for packaging with more than 400 members will be even larger interms of space compared to the previous edition and display innovations in green packaging materials for environmental protection, sustainable development, and packaging design. In addition, two new unique areas will be featured; “innovationparc” will be held during swop to show innovative packaging as well as intelligent solutions & Packaging Industry 4.0, and”components – special trade fair by interpack” showcases machine parts, components, accessories and peripheral equipment as well as auxiliaries for packaging.

swop 2017 is not only a “supply and demand” platform for packaging market, but also gives insights into future packaging industry trends. swop has received great support from the domestic and overseas packaging industry ever since it began taking stand applications. Roughly 70% of exhibitors from the previous show are planning to exhibit again. In addition to countries with a strong packaging industry such as Germany, Turkey, Italy and the USA, Spain will also join swop 2017 with a national pavilion.

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