MacFarms and Royal Hawaiian Orchards Roar into New Year with Expansion into Plant-Based Superfoods


Investment, Combined with Record Sales in 2020, Current Year is Projected to Continue to Set Records

MacFarms LLC, a leading grower and processor of Hawaiian macadamia nuts, announced today that in conjunction with its Royal Hawaiian Orchards (RHO) macadamia nut brand, the company made several strides in 2020 in spite of the pandemic, and has plans to grow its plant-based mission in 2021. As a part of its strategy to expand in the plant-based superfood space, its parent company Health & Plant Protein Group Ltd. (ASX ticker HPP), has co-invested in LAVVA® nut milks and yogurts. LAVVA uses the pili nut and other real food ingredients to create delicious, functional foods. Since its founding, it has grown quickly and is now distributed through several major US retail networks including the 500-store Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Good Eggs and Wegman’s.

“We worked really hard last year to achieve broader company goals, and we are really proud of the co-investment in LAVVA and its nut-based products. It is an ideal addition to the HPP portfolio and is a great complement to our plant driven focus,” said K.C. Blinn, GM of sales and marketing. “This, along with our record sales and a clear vision for growth through 2021 is what will continue to drive our efforts toward advancing plant-based solutions for a growing health-conscious world.”

In 2020, the company also hit several milestones to expand and deliver macadamia nuts and their heart-healthy benefits to people across the U.S., including shipping record revenues of macadamia nuts across all its sales channels. RHO achieved record shares as reported by AC Nielsen. RHO grew its market share in each period. At its current growth rate, Nielsen is forecasting RHO to become America’s number one brand of macadamia nuts by the end of the current year.

Reinforcing its focus on better-for-you plant based alternative foods, MacFarm’s and RHO’s parent company announced the sale of its ginger and tourism divisions and as a result, has changed its name to Health and Plant Protein Group Ltd. HPP’s corporate strategy is to become the global leader in health and plant protein products that deliver heart health along with other functional benefits.