Agro Pack & Iraq plastprintpack 2021 kicks off with 165 exhibitors from 9 countries in Erbil Official country pavilions from Iran, Jordan, Netherlands and Turkey


(Heidelberg/Istanbul/Erbil) Agro Pack & Iraq plastprintpack 2021 opens its doors from 23-26 November  2021 at the Erbil International Fairground, and a total of 165 exhibitors from 9 countries present a broad  spectrum of the entire agrofood & plastprintpack value chain. 

As such, Agro Pack & Iraq plastprintpack 2021 is the largest industry-specific event in Iraq. 

The trade show is organised by the leading Turkish organiser So Fuar and the German exhibition specialist  fairtrade, with the two organisers pooling the expertise of their teams for the success of the event. So  Fuar, in addition to their headquarters in Istanbul, also maintain an office in Erbil, Iraq‘s bustling and safe  economic metropolis and the gateway to all of Iraq. 

Country pavilions from Iran, Jordan, the Netherlands and Turkey 

In addition to 35 market leaders from Kurdistan and the entire Iraq, as well as individual exhibitors from  Egypt, Iran, Italy, Jordan, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, official  country pavilions are present from Iran, Jordan, the Netherlands and Turkey.  

47 Iranian companies will showcase their products and solutions in the official Iranian pavilion, supported  by the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran. The Jordan Pavilion is organised by the Jordan Exporters  Association and features 7 exhibitors.  

The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is organising a  Netherlands Lounge featuring 8 Dutch exhibitors. In collaboration with the Consulate General of the  Netherlands in Erbil and at the request of participating companies, matchmaking will be provided during  the exhibition days. 

A large Turkish pavilion with 70 exhibitors is supported by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade. The  impressive presentation is rounded off with a lounge that invites Turkish exhibitors and their Iraqi  customers to network. 

Exhibitors and their solutions and products according to value chain  

15% of the exhibitors offer products and solutions in the Agro, plant & animal production sector. 20% in  Food & beverage processing technology and Food ingredients. 20% in Finished food & drink products.  20% in Plastics raw material & technology and 25%in Packaging material & technology.

Iraq: Decent trade surplus expected for 2021 

With exports of hydrocarbons worth US$ 34.3 billion and imports worth US$ 30.7 billion, Iraq is expected to  achieve a decent trade surplus of US$ 3.7 billion in 2021. The GDP is expected to grow by 1.1% in 2021 and  4.4% in 2022. (GTAI, May 2021)  

Another important fact: With 41 million inhabitants, Iraq is the most populous Arab country in the Middle  East. Its population is expected to grow to 71 million by 2050. With 58% of the population younger than 25,  the country has an enormously young and aspiring population.  

Agro Pack Iraq Erbil covers the entire value chain from field to fork, consisting of: Iraq agro + poultry 

Interestingly, Iraq is the Middle East’s second largest importer of agricultural machinery. Right after Saudi  Arabia and well before Iran and the UAE. (VDMA) 

And Iraqi Kurdistan’s poultry industry has dramatically increased over the past five years. There are now  2,000 chicken farms in the Kurdistan Region, producing nearly 190 tons of meat annually. Iraq is the main  buyer of Kurdistan’s chicken. Annually, Kurdistan Region’s businessmen and companies buy at least 100- 130 thousand tons of live chickens from Kurdistan’s farms and send them to the rest of Iraq alive. Given an  average price of 2,000 dinars for each kilo, the trade is worth US$ 216 million. 

Iraq imports chicken from 19 countries, the lion’s share coming from Turkey, Brazil, USA, and Ukraine,  according to official figures from Iraq’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. 

Iraq food + bev tec 

Between 2015 and 2019, Iraq’s imports of food & beverage process & packaging technology increased with  an annual growth rate of 17.5%, from € 76 million to € 145 million. (VDMA) This makes Iraq the third largest  Arab importing country of such technologies in the Middle East. A clear signal of the political will to expand  local food production and the „Made-in-Iraq“-trend. Continuous growth is expected in the coming years. 

Iraq food ingredients 

With 41 million inhabitants, Iraq has long been one of the three largest food markets in the Arab world, after  Egypt and on an equal footing with Algeria. Expenditure in the F&B sector is growing steadily, and F&B  production is by far the largest segment of the Iraqi processing industry. Accordingly, the demand for food  and beverage ingredients is rising continuously. 

Iraq food + hospitality  

Iraq regularly imports US$ six to eight billion worth of food and agricultural products annually. The value of  food production in Iraq amounts to between US$ three to four billion. (FAOSTAT). This makes Iraq one of  the largest markets for food & beverage products in the Middle East – still undersupplied. The development  is extremely promising. 

Iraq plastprintpack to grow at market speed  

For Iraq plastprintpack 2021, the organisers expect the event to grow at market growth rate, and this is  truly remarkable as the following facts show. 

– Since all plastics raw materials are imported, mainly from the Middle East, Asia and Europe, the  Iraqi market has great potential for commodity exporters. Between 2007 and 2017, the import of plastic 

raw materials grew by 37% annually, from 9 kt to 210 kt, a plus of one thousand percent! The country’s  plastic consumption shows an annual growth of 29% over the same period. It has grown 16-fold from 15 kt  in 2009 to 249 kt in 2018 and is estimated at 404 kt in 2022. (EUROMAP) 

– Between 2015 and 2019, Iraq’s imports of plastics technology increased with an annual growth rate of 16.7%, from € 21 million to € 39 million. (VDMA) This makes Iraq the third largest Arab importing country  of such technology in the Middle East. Continuous growth is expected in the coming years. 

– Iraq is also an important buyer of printing & paper converting technology in the Arab Middle East.  From 2017 to 2019, Iraq’s printing & paper technology imports increased by 30%, from € 5 to € 11 million.  (VDMA) 

– Between 2015 and 2019, Iraq’s imports of packaging technology increased with an annual growth  rate of 26%, from € 31 million to € 78 million. (VDMA) This makes Iraq the third largest Arab importing  country of such technology in the Middle East.  

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